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SLP services package represent the complete advisory solutions, including legal and economic advisory, accountancy and all the services of SKODA & SKODA. Aim of this package is to ensure smooth, troublefree functionig of your company. This service has two models.

Basic model includes:

  • Due diligence – risk managment by financial transactions, legal audit of company condition.

  • Financial economical analysis of the company, with regular reports with suggested advices

  • Legal protection of SKODA & SKODA ©

  • Debt recover + legal audit of recievables

  • Audit of redundant costs – creation of optimization process, in which is designed, how to reduce the costs and tax burden.

  • Informations about your company condition + news feed of important changes in legal and tax field.

  • Free participation on SKODA & SKODA trainings.

Extended SLP package includes all the basic package services and:

  • Accountancy

  • Representation in tax proceedings

  • Attorney services

Within the frame of SLP service package, it is possible to combine particular services and create tailored made solution.


Portfólio klientely tvoria:

  • Popredný výrobca strojov a zariadení
  • Spracovateľ v oblasti drevárskeho priemyslu
  • Viaceré medzinárodné prepravné spoločnosti
  • Viaceré slovenské agro spoločnosti
  • Výrobca zdvíhacích plošín a výťahov
  • Ekonomické a účtovné kancelárie
  • Správcovia konkurzných podstát
  • A ďalší

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