Debt recovery

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The idea of SKODA & SKODA is to provide for clients complete business services under one roof. Unfortunately the agenda related with debt recovery meets the majority of entrepreneurs and therefore we provide our service in this area. Debt recovery consists especially in:

  • drafting notices and reminders to defaulters

  • telephone, e-mail and other communication with the debtor

  • analysis of the condition and effectiveness of recovery

  • regular reports about recovery process

  • drafting of actions

  • representation in legal proceedings


Nowadaysthe unpaid receivables cause entrepreneurs serious complications and are a burden in circulation of money; they reduce the potential for further development and especially endanger your solvency. The accumulation of overdue receivables starts a carousel of troubles, which canlead to bankruptcy or loss of business partners

Use our debt recovery services; visit us to consult your unpaid receivables and do not let start the carousel, which is hardly to stop.


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