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SKODA & SKODA mediates for clients legal services in cooperation with renowned lawyers and law firms operating in the Slovak Republic. We provide legal advisory not only in key areas of law, but also in specific cases, which require unique treatment.

We mediates legal assistance for business entities and individuals. 

Legal advisory in areas of:

  • Commercial law

  • Civil law

  • Insolvency law

  • Competition law

  • Labour law

  • Administrative law

Most often services include:

  • Legal advisory

  • Formation of contracts and other legal actions

  • Out of court settlements of claims

  • Representation in court, enforcement, insolvency, and administrative proceedings before public authorities and municipalities and other legal entities

  • Providing legal analysis

  • Representation before tax authorities and other public bodies

  • The establishment and winding up of companies


Our associates provide legal advisory in areas:

Commercial law

  • establishment of companies, including latter status changes

  • preparation of General Meetings

  • drafting, balancing and assessment of commercial treaties

  • legal analysis

  • debt recovery and other claims

  • law of obligations

  • winding up the company under the Commercial Code

  • representation in disputes on the side of plaintiff or defendant

  • competition law

Bankruptcy law

  • proposals for bankruptcy proceeding

  • advising creditors and debtors in bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings

  • representation in incidence and excise tax litigation

  • legal analysis, advisory and consultations related to bankruptcy law, forms of resolving insolvency in the scope of insolvency law

  • filling of applications to bankruptcy and restructuring proceeding

  • representation in bankruptcy proceeding

Civil law

  • protection of personality

  • law of obligations

  • compensation for damages

  • litigation and ex parte proceedings

  • easement

  • liability for damages and related liabilities

Labor Law

  • issues concering the establishment, alteration and termination of employment

  • assessment of employment contracts

  • representation of employees and employers at the trials

  • filling of claims from invalid termination of employment

  • compensation for damages

Administrative Law

  • representation in administrative proceedings

  • remedies against decisions of administrative authorities

  • construction administration, land and proceeding under

Criminal Law

  • legal representation at the penal proceedings

  • legal advisory in criminal law and criminal proceeding

  • administration of complaints and proposals for prosecuting

  • appeals in criminal law and the infringement procedures


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